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The BLU MAX 65 has more power and more speed to provide maximum productivity. The Max 65 has been designed with today's metalsmiths in mind. Its innovative yet simplistic design allow it to be part of any size shop.

BLU MAX 65 Specifications:

-Runs effectively at 90 psi
-Big BLU QC™ Quick Change Die System
-65 pound (30 kg) Ram, 500 pound (227 kg) anvil
-1.75" x 3" x 5" (44.5 x 76.2 x 127 mm) Dies
-2" (63.5 mm) bore cylinder with double wear bands.
-7.5" Adjustable Stroke.
-Infinite control of 0-220 strokes per minute coupled with a soft touch to massive blows is achieved by use of foot pedal.
-The 18" (457 mm) throat accommodates 36" (914 mm) plates and/or pieces of unusual sizes and shapes.
-OSHA Treadle Guard.
-89" (2261 mm) high, 36" x 20" (914 x 508 mm) base.
-1200 pound (544 kg) total weight.

OPTIONAL: Clamping Mode with 1000 pounds static pressure.

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